al-Buraq.  The miraculous steed which the Angel Gabriel brought to the Prophet (Muhammad) for the Mi’raj, or Heavenly Ascent, also known as the Isra’, or Night Journey. The root of the word is ba’-ra’-qaf, which means “to glitter”, especially of lightening…

The traditional account of the Night Journey says that the Buraq proceeded in flashes of speed; where its glance landed, the next bound brought it, and from this it can be seen that the Buraq is an embodiment of the Intellect which, when it perceives an object in Being, or a spiritual reality, can immediately recognize its nature, or “know” it, without a process of analysis and reason.

Source: Cyril Glassé, The Concise Encyclopedia of Islam, Third Edition, p. 106

The Prophetic tradition, reported on the authority of Anas Ibn-Malik, which provides a description of al-Buraq:

Prophet Muhammad (S) said,

“I was brought al-Buraq Who is an animal white and long, larger than a donkey but smaller than a mule, who would place his hoof a distance equal to the range of his vision.”


One thought on “[al-Buraq/البراق]

  1. too bad more isn’t made of mystical experiences within religions .. the opportunity to turn belief into direct experience is perhaps too frightening for most believers.

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